Michigan Outdoor Adventure Center Opens Doors

We are very excited to see the doors of the  Michigan DNR Outdoor Adventure Center open to the public and pleased to be a part of such a beautiful 635726621162431249-ADVENTURE-CENTER-071615-rhb12project. Built in the rehabilitated historic Globe Building on Atwater near Milliken State Park and Harbor, the center includes a Weber sculpted rock formation with a 36-foot waterfall, a 40-foot  Weber made tree in which kids can climb through the trunk, simulators of off-road vehicles, kayaks, canoes, snowmobiles and fishing boats, an indoor archery range, a 3,000-square-foot freshwater aquarium and other features. The public grand opening of the 41,000-square-foot facility is on Monday, July 20th. If you are in the Detroit area, go check out the DNR Outdoor Adventure Center!

Have a look here!

Weber Group Expands Services to Boutique Hotel Industry

Weber is exwl_gwlcited to announce we are expanding our product offerings to include a full spectrum of services for developers interested in entering, or hoteliers already immersed in, the Boutique Hotel Industry.  We are leveraging our strong national platform of past clients and many years of providing hospitality-driven site analysis, architectural design and construction experience to also include all other aspects of the development process.  We’re happy to introduce the Development Division of our company, which now offers the following services:

  • Real Estate

  • Finance

  • Property Development

  • Architectural and Interior Design

  • Construction

  • Operations

  • Reservations

  • Accounting

  • ROI

  • Revenue Management

For Inquiry,  Please contact Anita Massey at 502-295-9052

Read the full press release here.


Making of the Chinese Tomb Figures

Chinese Terracotta Warriors exhibit extended to November 2014!

Enjoy this video from National Geographic Kids about how the replica warriors were made.  That Indiana company Tricia refers to in the video? Us. We loved exploring this “terrarific” exhibit and contributing to its success!




Weber Takes Flight at National Avairy

Weber is honored to provide design build services for the new Andean Condor habitat at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  The new habitat would afford a three-sided view of the birds, with a mesh screen separating them from visitors. It would be 25 feet by 40 feet and 20 feet high, shaped like a rectangular dome to mimic the architecture of the tropical forest behind it. A conservation station in the middle would be an educational stop for information about the aviary’s role in a Species Survival Plan. The station would be designed to suggest a rustic site in Ecuador similar to the condor’s native habitat in the Andean Mountains. The aviary has formed a partnership with Ecuador and supported a facility that is dedicated to condor preservation.


Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2014/09/02/Aviary-proposes-more-space-to-display-condors/stories/201409010019#ixzz3CG24Rx39